Advice and Consultancy

Defuse® has significant proven experience in identifying, analysing and countering concerning & threatening behaviour with a scientifically proven methodology. 
This methodology can help to identify behaviours of concerns and threats from:
Insider Threats Lone Actors
Competitors Fixated People, including stalkers and those who harass
Hostile former and current employees Activists and Protest groups
Dissatisfied Consumers Organised criminals
This experience enables us to foresee the risks that prominent people, private families and organisations experience. We deliver 'White Glove' strategic advice and consultancy services to mitigate risks and counter threats.
Digital Vulnerability Assessment (DVA)
This is our baseline service and one we encourage all our clients to have to access and understand the level of private information that is publicly available, the risks that carries and can also include sentiment analysis. This is a vital service to set a baseline for a client’s vulnerability to threats, both criminal, physical, and reputational and can identify when a client is vulnerable to identity theft and fake profiles being created in their name.
Research is conducted replicating a range of potential threat actors (public, criminal, journalists/media, through state actors). 
Areas reviewed include key information, watchlist searches, contact details, dark web searches, associated businesses and organisations, social media, media / adverse media, and deep web/database presence. 
For an individual, we generally require 3 to 5 days (depending on the profile of this individual). 
For organisations, we usually require 5 to 10 days (depending on the size of the organisation).  
The report aims to provide an initial threat assessment and recommended mitigation areas with elements of physical, online/digital security and a reputational risk focus. 
Once an assessment is conducted, we can then identify mitigation opportunities. The costs of that service depend on what is required.
Due Diligence and Intelligence:
'forewarned is forearmed'.
How much do you know about the key individuals who engage with, be they employees, customers or competitors?
All too often due diligence has been seen as checking what you already know.

Defuse® tells what you don't know, such as:

Who is the person behind the profile?
Who are they connected to?
Is there something findable in their history that may compromise you?
What are their capability gaps and points of friction?
How vulnerable are they to unwanted influence?
Prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems can deliver a key advantage and prevent time consuming and costly mistakes.

Intelligence Investigations:

Intelligence investigations are conducted by former members of the UK Intelligence, military and Counter Terrorism experts, with decades of experience in bringing meaning to the data from Open Source as well as the Deep and Dark Web.

Our specialist team includes experienced investigators, linguists, and data analysts

Litigation support
Social media threats
Business Intelligence
Digital Forensics
Vulnerability & Privacy Assessments
Executive Recruitment
The Dark Web
Project Management:
Defuse® operates as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for clients who require a complete package of measures managed by one point of contact. Philip's experience as a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator (CT SEcCO) provides that expertise and experience.
We know what works and what is smoke and mirrors.  When we say we understand the need for confidentiality and privacy, that is because of clients we have worked with, we understand that that is a critical aspect. Defuse's team have been vetted to the highest Government standards and have been exposed to unsupervised access to matters of national security and Top Secret material. Our Governments have trusted us, and so can you. 
Defuse® has a 'black book' of expert advisors that we work with, all of whom are experienced, trusted and vetted.  

 "I have known Philip since October 2016 when he contacted me having identified media activity which revealed personal details and photographs of my home, increasing my security vulnerability. Throughout my interactions with Philip, I have found him to the consummate professional. He is an expert in respect of threats to public and high-profile figures and managing risk through practical solutions. Philip has helped to make me feel safer and am very happy to recommend his services to others in public life."  

Baroness Shami Chakrabarti CBE, PC (Shadow Attorney General)

"I have worked with Philip Grindell for over two years. He first became active in my protection following a series of newspaper stories which led to extensive hostility and threats including on social media and internationally. When something like this happens, you feel vulnerable at every level. I could not have asked for a better person than Philip to look after me. There is no fuss, no drama and no false expectations. Philip tells it to you straight and does what he says he will do. Because he didn’t flap, I didn’t flap. Because he delivers what he promises, I could trust him."  

Sarah Champion MP & Chair of the International Development Committee

 Defuse® can carry out a full review of your existing security arrangements, led by specialists with unrivalled experience of protecting senior politicians and the UK’s Royal Family at high-profile events. An independent audit of your security arrangements and protocols is essential to highlight strengths and identify areas for improvement. 



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