There exist many scenarios where threats can emerge against prominent people, but not all pose a real and present danger. Some threats are communicated only for impact, without the perpetrator intending to carry them through; Others, however, could escalate rapidly if left unchecked.

While even the least viable threats can instil a sense of fear in the target - the effects of which should never be underestimated - it’s crucial to distinguish these from threats that could result in harm being inflicted on the target.

At Defuse®, our behavioural analysis and profiling techniques enable us to identify the most serious threats and obtain vital information about the perpetrator.

Counteracting anonymous hate crime on the internet

Many people who make threats do so anonymously online using false social media profiles, believing that this renders them safe from law enforcement.

However, expert analysis can uncover the personalities behind the profiles, offering an insight into their motivation and intentions. This allows us to produce tailored strategies to resolve potentially dangerous situations.

At Defuse®, our team of internationally acclaimed experts have the experience and skills to recognise when a threat is genuine so that immediate action can be taken.

We can also provide professional behavioural analysis and profiling in these areas:

  • Recruitment: learning more about the personalities who apply to work in your organisation helps you to create collaborative teams of compatible recruits, to eliminate conflict and engineer a more progressive, productive working environment.
  • Commerce: in the challenging global marketplace, behavioural analysis and profiling delivers vital client insights to help your negotiators understand who they are working with and the motivations and intentions that drive their behaviour.

what next?

Whether you are looking for greater insight into a known threat from a fixated person, would like to improve your online security, or obtain key business intelligence to drive marketing or recruitment decisions, our team at Defuse® can help. Find out more by calling our team on +44(0)2072930932.