Philip Grindell Appears on ITV This Morning
12 November 2021
The Founder and CEO of Defuse Global Philip Grindell appeared on ITV This Morning where he discussed the subject of online abuse, in the...
Daily Express Investigates Trolling of High Profile Women
12 November 2021
Celebrity specialist writer Cyril Dixon from the Daily Express investigated the prevalence of trolling of high profile women. Defuse CEO,...
Daily Mail Profiles Philip Grindell the Online Bodyguard
12 November 2021
Philip Grindell, the CEO for Defuse, was interviewed by the celebrated writer Margarette Driscoll, whose extensive feature appeared in the...
The Science of Risk Assessing Threats to Public Figures (World Security Report – Summer 2020)
12 November 2021
Threat assessments and the subject of targeted violence date back to the 19th Century France and Italy where the work of Laschi Lombroso...
High Profile Can Be Home Alone (Professional Security Magazine – April 2020 Vol 30/4)
12 November 2021
Anyone can be harassed or assaulted or trolled, but it’s different for high profile people, says a former Metropolitan Policeman who has...

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