Understanding The Psychology Behind Fixated Individuals
12 November 2021
Seminar presented at the 6th Annual Executive Security and Close Protection Technology Forum on 28/01/2021   This seminar discusses the...
“Safe in their hands: the expertise that keeps the world’s elite secure”
12 November 2021
Defuse featured in today’s edition of LUXX: The Times’s luxury magazine The cyber-bodyguard Philip Grindell, a former police officer, takes...
How can Family Businesses Stay Safe in the Digital Age?
12 November 2021
On this Podcast episode of the Family Business Voice, Ramia M. El Agamy of the esteemed Tharawat Magazine chats with me about how family...
Guns, Drugs and Death Threats
12 November 2021
Yet again this week, the news reported that the personal and private details of a number of high profile female UK athletes, had been...
Do you know who I am?
12 November 2021
Have you ever looked at a situation and asked yourself “I wonder what makes them behave like that? Within the worlds of Human Resources,...

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