The Online Bodyguard® Podcast Episode 5
12 April 2022
Trauma and Crisis Liaison with Miles Manning
Stalking in the Workplace: What you need to know
17 March 2022
Victims of stalking are typically targeted for periods of months, if not years, and subjected to a variety of intrusive, distressing and...
5 Key facts on Threats to Prominent People
10 March 2022
5 Key facts on Threats to Prominent People from our latest 'The Online Bodyguard'® Podcast with Dr Reid Meloy 1. Most threats are driven by...
Am I in danger or just going mad?
12 February 2022
Much is made of the ‘threat’ of violence from the abuse and hostility from social media. However, when viewed through the prism of the...
Was Sir Keir close to being killed?
8 February 2022
The images of Sir Keir Starmer MP being surrounded in Westminster has caused a flurry of responses, most of which are a vast over-reaction....

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