The Telegraph: Windsor Castle crossbow intruder leaked his intentions
5 January 2022
Dominic Nicholls, The Telegraph's Defence & Security Editor reports on the risks posed by the intruder to Windsor Castle, armed with a...
The Science Behind Stopping Targeted Attacks Webinar
12 November 2021
Targeted attacks are among the greatest threat to people and organisations that require protection face. Targeted attacks are predatory and...
The Success Tax With Philip Grindell MSc, Founder and CEO of Defuse
12 November 2021
Founder and CEO of Defuse Global. Philip Grindell MSc, joins host Richard Levick to discuss the particularly challenging security issues...
Sky News Broadcast
12 November 2021
The Founder and CEO of Defuse Global, Philip Grindell, was invited to appear on Sky News recently to discuss the issue of online abuse in...
Philip Grindell Appears on ITV This Morning
12 November 2021
The Founder and CEO of Defuse Global Philip Grindell appeared on ITV This Morning where he discussed the subject of online abuse, in the...

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