The private security industry includes a variety of different services, and with that comes a wide variety of security costs.

The services available can be as varied as providing a static guard or installing CCTV to a private detective or providing a full armed close protection or surveillance team. Very often fees are not publicly disclosed or provided. There are often good reasons for this and yet sometimes reasons that don’t really stack up.

Some of the factors why providers don’t publicise their fees include the fact that they don’t want their competitors to know what they charge for fear of being undercut. Others may want to encourage potential clients to contact them so they can negotiate or perhaps they don’t know themselves what they charge and will make it up on the spot! Other providers may be uncomfortable publicising their costs as they feel they are expensive and feel uncomfortable trying to justify their fees.

There are factors that will impact costs when employing security or investigators. Risk is a factor. Deploying to a high-risk location will incur a high premium than operating in a safer environment. The profile of the person being protected can have an impact, again partly due to the associated risks, but also on the requirement to travel or the hours worked. The quality of the training and experience required will have a direct impact and the quality of the product or service will always be reflected.

Nothing is more frustrating than when you visit a website looking to find out more about a service to find that there is no mention of how much it costs.

One of our key values at Defuse is being open and transparent and taking the ‘secrecy’ out of security. With that in mind we are happy to discuss our fees and how much our services cost. What we cannot do is provide a price list.

The reason for this is that all of our services are bespoke and vary depending on the circumstances. What we have sought to do on our site ( is to outline what are services cost and why.

The majority of our clients are high profile individuals or organisations, however what we don’t do is adjust our security costs based on who the client is. As mentioned earlier in the article, some will do and for good reason as the level of risk may be a factor. It does depend on the sector.

It may be because of the type of clients we work with, but we have been asked if we can reduce our security costs in exchange for referrals to ‘their friends’. The simple answer is no, we can’t. We provide an exceptional level of service provided by globally recognised experts, and with that level of expertise comes a security cost. The quality of the expertise has been gained over decades of experience and is highly sought after. Many of our consultants have worked on many of the world’s most significant criminal and/or counter terrorist investigations this century. So clearly, they know their stuff, their capabilities have been tested, operationally and legally and the consequences of getting it wrong are very often life threatening. In simple terms they cannot afford to make mistakes.

Another factor that does affect the security cost is the scope and complexity. We very rarely provide an off the shelf service/product. We match our service to our client’s needs and therefore each client gets a bespoke service. An especially complex case may require us to task that to one of our special consultants who will charge a higher day rate. Sometimes it can be the time required that impacts the cost or the urgency that is required. Equally, it may be the details required, such as a requirement to search not just the internet and mainstream social media platforms, but the ‘dark web’ too. We may be asked to just provide a report with no analysis, or to prepare a case file for law enforcement. Each of these factors impacts the cost and that is why we don’t provide a price list.

Another factor for Defuse is that some of our clients choose to retain our services and with that retention comes an agreement that the security cost of additional services differs. They therefore agree to pay us a monthly retention fee plus a reduced security costs for each service they require or an additional monthly fee to include certain services to be included.

The services themselves are details on the ‘Services’ page.

The SAFER Model – This service effectively encompasses elements of each of the above services. It is our premium service and is more cost effective that booking each service separately. This service starts at £5000.00.

Behavioural Analysis Service – This service is provided to identify whether hostile communications are evidence of an escalating threat of violence, plus an assessment of the profile of the individual responsible for sending the communication to enable a bespoke response. Any analysis is the result of a thorough evaluation of the actions, communications and circumstances disclosed. This service is delivered by our experts Dr Sheridan and Dr Fein. This service start at £1200.00

Psychological Support Service – This service is provided by some of the most experienced and practiced forensic and/or clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. They are in high demand and can be provided virtually or in person. This service starts at £150.00 per hour.

Investigation & Consultancy – This is only conducted by the very best in their respective specialities and can involve training as well as investigations and consultancy. This is charged on a day rate basis, with a minimum of a half day: Our day rates start at £2000.00 per day.

Digital Vulnerability Audit – This service is conducted manually by our digital team of experts, many of whom have experience in conducting research to support serious crime and counter terrorism investigations. Defuse still conducts a manual search and analysis process as we are acutely aware that we offer a personal service, and often the context is the key element and the same level of accuracy cannot be guaranteed in an automated process. The level of detail required/requested dictate how many hours or days are spent conducting the research and as such the costs. This service starts at £1200.00.

All prices are subject to VAT @ 20% (current UK rate).

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