what is 'stalking'?

Stalking is a pattern of fixated and obsessive behaviour that is persistent, intrusive, and can spark distress and  fears of violence. Unfortunately, it’s commonplace and the consequences can be serious, even for the most resilient: Targets may live in fear, become unable to make simple everyday decisions, and may even retreat from public life.

Stalkers often use the internet to carry out their campaigns of harassment. They can pursue high status targets on social media, making unjustified accusations and threats to inflict maximum reputational harm.


At Defuse®, we specialise in identifying, monitoring, and tackling threats from fixated people.

No two stalkers are the same so, whatever the cause of the fixation – rejection, resentment, hatred, or aggression – we employ specialist behavioural analysis and profiling techniques to:
  • Identify the type of perpetrator involved.
  • Understand the specific risks they pose to our client.
  • Deliver tailor-made solutions to mitigate the risks, even when the identity of the stalker is unknown.

Combating cyberstalking and social media defamation

To combat cyberstalking, we have a proven record of working collaboratively with social media providers and law enforcement agencies to effectively isolate and eradicate threats.

With a measured response that harnesses expert critical thinking from globally recognised specialists, we can neutralise the stalking behaviour to provide you and your family with the reassurance that you’re never alone when an obsessive stalker is determined to target you.


next steps

If you are experiencing abuse on social media or are concerned about yours or your family’s security as a result of fixated behaviour – online or offline – take action today by calling Defuse®. With a range of effective cybersecurity and reputational management strategies available, we have the skills and experience to resolve and end the abusive situation.
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