Philip Grindell MSc CSyp

Founder & CEO

Philip has rapidly become known as the UK thought leader in Protective Intelligence, Behavioural Threat Management and the protection of prominent figures' privacy, reputation and safety, regularly commenting on this subject in the media.

He founded the consultancy Defuse in 2019, specialising in countering threatening and concerning behaviours and approaches from problematic people to corporate and private clients.

Previously, Philip served as a New Scotland Yard Detective in the Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Command for 30 years, during which he was seconded to British Intelligence for 3 years.

As a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, he coordinated security plans protecting events with the British Royal Family, Military and Government.

Following the assassination of Jo Cox MP in 2016, Philip was responsible for setting up The Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team (PLaIT) a new protective intelligence and investigative team in the UK Parliament.  He was responsible for identifying the next attack planned in 2017, which prevented an MP and a Police Officer from being attacked.

Philip is currently writing his first book 'FEEL SAFER
The definitive guide to personal safety in public life' 

 Philip launched The Defuse Podcast in 2022 bringing together globally renowned experts to discuss the latest research and practices that ensure the safety of private clients, entrepreneurs and businesses.  

Philip has an MSc in Security Management and is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP). 

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Dr Lorraine Sheridan Phd


Dr Lorraine Sheridan Phd is Defuse’s Chartered Forensic Psychologist, completing Europe’s first PhD on stalking. She is recognised as a global expert on stalking and harassment and several other forensic psychological topics. Lorraine has published five books and more than 80 papers in refereed scientific journals. She is an accredited offender profiler and compiles psychological reports related to offenders, highlighting the risks posed by known or unknown suspects. Lorraine was formerly a senior academic in Perth, Western Australia where she was the former President of the Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.

Lorraine lives with her husband and children and supports Leicester City Football Club. 


Supporting our team are consultant analysts and professionals personally selected for their expertise and often unique skill set. Our specialist team includes experienced investigators, linguists and data analysts

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