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Philip Grindell MSc

Founder & CEO

Following a 30 year career as a Metropolitan Police specialist detective at New Scotland Yard, Philip has become one of the UK’s most trusted leaders & advisors when it comes to lone actor and fixated threats to prominent people and brands.

Philip was a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator responsible to planning and running the protective security measures for Royal, Military, Government and other high-profile events in London.

In 2016, following the assassination of Jo Cox MP, he was the person tasked with stopping the next attack. Setting up and running the Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team.

Philip lead the investigative response to all threats, abuse, and intimidation of UK MPs during the highly toxic ‘Brexit’ years. An expert in Protective Intelligence, Philip set up and coordinated the UK strategy for the protection of MPs and was personally responsible for identifying the threat intelligence that stopped the next attack on Rosie Cooper MP.

Philip was instrumental in the enhanced protective security strategy that UK MPs received and engaged with Royal and VIP Executive Committee (RAVEC) and negotiated the close protection capability for MPs requiring additional security.

Philip has a MSc in Security Management. Philip is the host of The Online Bodyguard® Podcast and a regular contributor in the media, public speaker, and trainer

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Dr Lorraine Sheridan Phd


Dr Lorraine Sheridan is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist, completing Europe’s first PhD on stalking. She is a police accredited offender profiler and compiles psychological reports related to offenders, highlighting the risks posed by known or unknown suspects. Lorraine was formerly a senior academic in Perth, Western Australia. Dr. Sheridan is the former President of the Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.


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Amanda Grindell

Business Development & Client Liaison Director

Amanda has spent her career in business development, sales and client liaison. She has worked in a number of different sectors across the globe, including within the commercial counter espionage industry. Amanda brings a wealth of experience and expertise ensuring that clients receive the very best service, together with great empathy and understanding.

Supporting our team are consultant analysts and professionals personally selected for their expertise and often unique skill set. Our specialist team includes experienced investigators, linguists and data analysts

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