Our purpose is to enable our clients to flourish, be high achievers, express themselves and enjoy their success free from fear, anxiety and intimidation.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, security is the ‘protection of a person, building, organisation or country against threats such as crime or attacks by foreign countries’, whilst safety is defined as ‘a state of being protected from danger or harm’.

If you're feeling anxious or concerned about being subjected to physical, reputational or psychological harm, additional physical security measures, whilst helping to make you more secure, may not help you feel safer. 

The security industry is often perceived as being a hard, macho, aggressive industry whose purpose is to stop bad things from happening.

We have a different perspective. We believe it is a caring profession.

Our purpose is to help you feel safer. That means helping you to solve whatever problem is causing you concern.

We work with you to understand what it is that is worrying you and then develop a strategy to help solve that issue and give you peace of mind. 

We want you to flourish, enjoy yourself, perform at your peak and express your creativity and brilliance.

When you become a client of Defuse, we consider you to be a member of our family, someone we care about and who we want to be safe and feel safer.

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