Human Intelligence

In order to be properly informed, to understand the level of risk you carry, to assess the risks a person may pose or to understand how best to negotiate with someone you'll want to know everything possible.

Personal Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Do you know how vulnerable you and your family are? 
  • Do you know what private information is publicly available about you?
  • Are they social media posts from your past that if found might destroy your reputation?

Due Diligence & Background Investigations:

This process is critical and must be more than checking their CV and LinkedIn profile. 

Our experts, drawn from the very best of UK intelligence services know what to look for, where to find it and how to analyse it. With our help, we will get you behind the profile, and tell you what you don't know about the person being investigated.

  • Who are they?
  • Who are they connected to?
  • Are their children activists and campaigning about the very things you are invested in?

The cost of recruiting the very highest quality executives is nothing compared to the cost of recruiting someone that poses a risk to your organisation. Forewarned is forearmed. 

Social Media Intelligence:

Many Prominent People Find Themselves Targeted For Abuse And Intimidation On Twitter, Facebook/Instagram And Other Social Media Platforms. The Costs Of The Anxiety It Causes Is Immeasurable, Not To Mention The Reputational Harm It Can Cause. Defuse® Have A Proven Record Of Working Collaboratively With Social Media Providers To Quickly Identify Those Responsible And Where Appropriate Have Their Posts Or Profiles Removed. 

Many People Who Make Threats Do So Anonymously Online Using False Social Media Profiles, Believing That This Renders Them Safe From Law Enforcement.

However, Expert Analysis Can Uncover The Personalities Behind The Profiles, Offering An Insight Into Their Motivation And Intentions.
This Allows Us To Produce Tailored Strategies To Resolve Potentially Dangerous Situations. We maintain productive relationships with ISPs, search engines, and social media channels. This enables us to rapidly seek out those who use social media inappropriately to communicate threats against our clients. 

Investigations & Intelligence.

Our investigative capability, led by Philip Grindell, a former New Scotland Yard senior Detective provides you with the reassurance that  we can help solve whatever the problem is. 

Our Intelligence investigations are conducted by former members of the UK Intelligence, military and Counter Terrorism experts, with decades of experience in bringing meaning to the data from Open Source as well as the Deep and dark web.

  • Litigation support
  • Social media threats
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Forensics
  • Vulnerability & Privacy Assessments
  • Executive Recruitment
  • The Dark Web
  • Police liaison



Security analysis

By analysing an individual’s social networks, we can identify their network of key influencers, bridges, and gatekeepers to obtain a thorough understanding of the social circle in which they operate. This is vital to identify potential threat actors and assess the seriousness of the threats they pose.

We can also assist with Dark Web investigations, to prevent hackers and criminals from exploiting your identity to steal or expose your personal information and threaten your financial standing.

The Privacy package®

  • A unique 360 security package for those prominent UK residents who to ensure their privacy.
  • A full protective security review.
  • A full Cyber Security review.
  • Personal Vulnerability Assessment for each adult resident.
  • Anonymity service to help create a safe and sterile environment to ensure peace of mind. 

Trauma & Family Liaison

In the event of a traumatic event, our specialists will deploy home or abroad to help you handle any distressing situations, with discretion, kindness and sensitivity, always ensuring that the family have as much information as possible to help them come to terms with what has happened.
Providing advice and guidance around
  • Media Handling.
  • Funeral arrangements.
  • Ensuring the relevant authorities are informed.
  • Liaising closely with Consulate staff.
  • Repatriation of injured or deceased.
We concentrate on solving the practicalities of dealing with such an incident overseas. Our priority will always be to get those concerned back home and reduce the negative impact.

next steps

Our security consultants can help safeguard your identity, reputation, and security online, coordinating with internet service providers and law enforcement to take threatening and defamatory material offline.
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