Due Diligence and Intelligence.

forewarned is forearmed.

How much do you know about the key individuals who engage with, be they employees, customers or competitors?

All too often due diligence has been seen as checking what you already know.

Defuse® tells what you don't know, such as:

  • Who is the person behind the profile?
  • Who are they connected to?
  • Is there something findable in their history that may compromise you?
  • What are their capability gaps and points of friction?
  • How vulnerable are they to unwanted influence?

Prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems can deliver a key advantage and prevent time consuming and costly mistake.

Protective Intelligence

The investigative and analytical process used to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate threats.

In 2006, British mathematician and Tesco marketing mastermind Clive Humby shouted from the rooftops, “Data is the new oil.” 

How much of your private or commercial date is on the public domain? 

Attitudes change. What was acceptable a few years ago may not be  considered appropriate now and may be reputationally harmful.

Defuse's Digital Audits are conducted by experts, many of whom are former members of British Intelligence or Counter Terrorist policing. If we can't find it, we're pretty confident neither can your adversaries.



Family and Trauma Liaison Service.

Protecting and enhancing reputation by delivering high end service during times of trauma

Delivered by former New Scotland Yard Detectives trained and experienced in dealing with the families, friends and associates of those who are either badly injured or have passed away.

  • Overseas support for UK nationals in trauma.
  • Ensure a professional response to repatriation and engagement of UK nationals.
  • Support for family and friends.
  • Reduction is corporate liability when employees or customers are involved in trauma or death. 

When disaster strikes, you'll want the very best supporting you, your organisation and your family.

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