Specialist Investigations  

Defuse® delivers the very best in complex and confidential investigations and provides you with the reassurance that  we can help solve the problem whatever that is.

With extensive investigative experience in conducting investigations and specialist interviewing in:

  • acquisitive crime
  • counter-terrorism
  • sexual offences
  • harassment
  • stalking
  • fraud
  • insider threats
  • hostile former employees
  • protests and activists
  • Police and Social Media Liaison

Our investigative capability is led by Philip Grindell, a former New Scotland Yard senior Detective who has extensive experience working in both front line and specialist operation.
Philip has conducted and led investigations with The Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team, The Counter Terrorism Command, The Westminster Robbery and Burglary Unit, Gang Crime Unit, Child Abuse investigations as well as leading a number of proactive crime units. During his career he was the recipient of a number of Commendations, from senior police officers and Judges.

Philip Grindell is a member of the Association of British Investigators, which is working with the Law Society of England & Wales and included in the Law Society of Scotland Approved Supplier Scheme. 

Intelligence Investigations

Intelligence investigations are conducted by former members of the UK Intelligence, military and Counter Terrorism experts, with decades of experience in bringing meaning to the data from Open Source as well as the Deep and Dark Web.

Our specialist team includes experienced investigators, linguists and data analysts

  • Litigation support
  • Social media threats
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Forensics
  • Vulnerability & Privacy Assessments
  • Executive Recruitment
  • The Dark Web

Counteracting Anonymous Hate Crime On The Internet

Many people who make threats do so anonymously online using false social media profiles, believing that this renders them safe from law enforcement.

However, expert analysis can uncover the personalities behind the profiles, offering an insight into their motivation and intentions. This allows us to produce tailored strategies to resolve potentially dangerous situations.

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