Our Threat Intelligence & Investigations include all internet-based investigations:

  • Litigation support
  • Social media threats
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Forensics
  • Vulnerability & Privacy Assessments
  • Executive Recruitment
  • The Dark Web
  • Police liaison



Identifying and resolving threats

Hatred and rudeness are, unfortunately, common on the internet. Our cybersecurity and reputation management experts are specialists in differentiating between those individuals who make threats and those who actively pose a potential threat. Professional analysis ensures that assets are deployed to target the most serious, genuine threats, preventing the needless waste of resources on ‘haters’ and genuine complainants, while ensuring that legitimate risks are not overlooked.

Working relationships with leading Internet providers

We maintain productive relationships with ISPs, search engines, and social media channels. This enables us to rapidly seek out those who use social media inappropriately to communicate threats against our clients. When breaches of the rules occur, we work with social media providers to have offending posts and profiles removed, providing you with peace of mind and an untarnished reputation.

Security analysis

By analysing an individual’s social networks, we can identify their network of key influencers, bridges, and gatekeepers to obtain a thorough understanding of the social circle in which they operate. This is vital to identify potential threat actors and assess the seriousness of the threats they pose.

We can also assist with Dark Web investigations, to prevent hackers and criminals from exploiting your identity to steal or expose your personal information and threaten your financial standing.

next steps

Our security consultants can help safeguard your identity, reputation, and security online, coordinating with internet service providers and law enforcement to take threatening and defamatory material offline.
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