At Defuse®, we passionately believe that sharing our knowledge and expertise is key to achieving our mission to offer effective risk management for high-profile individuals and businesses. We draw exclusively on methods and philosophies that are researched and operationally proven.

An independent audit of your security arrangements and protocols is essential to highlight strengths and identify areas for improvement. At Defuse, we can carry out a detailed review, with no pressure to buy into our services, providing you with honest, invaluable advice and training. 

Bespoke training services

We have extensive experience of delivering bespoke training in protective intelligence and cybersecurity to some of the world’s leading security providers and close protection operatives. Our training can be delivered formally in face-to-face settings or via high-quality webinar masterclasses
.Defuse® Behavioural Threat Assessment Training.
We have developed a full day workshop and two half days workshops to share our methodology which we have run as internal training with exceptional feedback.

It was this methodology that enabled Philip to identify and assess the threat to Rosie Cooper MP from National Action as credible, and articulate why to the head of the National Domestic Counter Terrorism Unit.

Our workshops will share:
- Identify the different violence risk and threat assessment approaches
- Understand the Pathway to Predicted or Targeted Violence
- Describe the differences between affective and predatory violence
- Describe the dynamics and risk management implications concerning stalking
- Assess direct threats, leakage and warning behaviours
- Understand the difference between those who make a threat from those who actually pose one.
- Communicate risk findings to other professionals in a scientific, legal and ethical manner.

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 "I have had the pleasure of meeting Phil & invited him to do a presentation on threat management to my fellow colleagues at Kroll in London. We had a huge turnout & the presentation was interesting, informative & lasted double the time we had initially allocated for it, due to the interest shown by my colleagues. Phil has a wealth of knowledge about threat management"
Nick Doyle,  MD & Head of Security Risk Management,  Kroll
"Philip has presented his craft to members of the Security Institute and there is no doubt that he is a master of this niche area of security advice. Stalkers and fixated people are often unpredictable, but as far as it can be predicted, Philip has a solid expert viewpoint that only comes from experience and academic rigour. There is no one else I would seek advice from if I found my family, friends or colleagues being victimised by such a stalker"
Rick Mounfield, (Formerly) Chief Executive, The Security Institute

Security reviews and consultancy

Defuse® can carry out a full review of your existing security arrangements, led by specialists with unrivalled experience of protecting senior politicians and the UK’s Royal Family at high-profile events.

speaking engagements

Our experienced security consultants are available to deliver keynote speeches and seminars at trade events, conferences, networking events, and dinners. The delivery can be tailored to the audience and be of variable length to meet your requirements, and is guaranteed to educate and entertain in equal measure.

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