When searching for and hiring people the focus is on their suitability for the challenge and opportunities that the individual will encompass to be successful in the role. How they are wired, personal chemistry, drivers and skills are all closely vetted.  

Choosing the right candidate for a global brand or sensitive role, requires the peace of mind that the individual has a resume and personal history that cannot undermine the brand, damage the reputation, commercial value or harm performance.

Pre-employment screening usually includes checks of an applicant’s suitability for the role, often relying on (unverifiable) references and LinkedIn profiles to provide an insight into their background and personality.

However, this process of due diligence is driven by a need for compliance rather than that of potential risk.

This individual is at the sensitive heart of your business operations.


What is Vetting and Background Intelligence?

Effective intelligent vetting should consider whether an applicant will pose a risk to your brand and explore some fundamental questions:
  • What are the person's traits, values, and motives?
  • What are their associations, both personal and business?
  • Do the person – or their associates – hold views or values that conflict with yours?
  • Are there retrievable skeletons that if found, may harm your brand, undermine your reputation and diminish assets?
  • Who is providing references, what is their role, and how trustworthy are they?

Uncovering the person behind the Profile

At Defuse® we use behavioural analysis and psychological profiling to discover the person behind the profile. We can help you to build complimentary teams of people who share your organisation’s tenets and ambitions, avoiding conflict and risk now and in the future.
What we do at Defuse® is tell you what you don’t know about the person behind the profile.

Professionally managed psychometric testing and psychological assessment enables us to identify potentially problematic personality traits, thereby reducing the risk of conflict in your organisation.
With more stable, cohesive teams, you can benefit from longer retention and lower recruitment costs, with the confidence and reassurance that your key staff are committed to your business’s values.
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Discreet background and security checks can help strengthen your recruitment strategy, improve the quality and suitability of candidates, and improve safety and security in your workplace.
To find out more about our vetting and background intelligence services please call us on +44 (0) 207 293 0932