we defuse® risks in three key areas:

  • Your physical security, to safeguard your health and welfare.
  • Your reputation, to protect your personal and commercial standing.
  • Your mental wellbeing, to shield you from psychological harm.
Living in the public eye is necessary for prominent individuals. Enduring threats to your welfare, career, and livelihood, is never acceptable.

By defusing every threat, we promise you the peace of mind to live your life or conduct your business in the way you wish, with the safety of you and your family at the heart of our work.

With Defuse®, Your safety is our priority.

We provide tailor-made solutions to eliminate risks directed towards prominent members of society. Whether you’re a celebrity, global CEO, wealthy individual, or elite sportsperson, we are committed to working in partnership with you so you can feel safer in both your private and public life.

By harnessing the highest quality  intelligence and analysis, our security experts can defuse the dangers that you face in your day-to-day life, making informed and fact-driven decisions that are underpinned by our extensive background in counter-terrorism and global intelligence.
The quality of both our investigations and analysis is underpinned by the operation experience we as a team bring to the table. Our team have operated at national security level within UK & US national intelligence services on some of the most critical operations over the past 30 years.

Instead of retrospectively reacting to current dangers, we deliver comprehensive threat management as threats emerge, investigating and assessing them to enable us to design and implement effective mitigation and intervention to counteract every risk, no matter how small.

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