Workplace Related Threats

Sadly, workplace violence is, too often, a fact of life. Defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as any incident in which a person is threatened, abused, or assaulted as a result of their work, employers are becoming increasingly concerned about the issue.

Proactive steps are, therefore, crucial to prevent workplace related threats from occurring or intensifying, becoming habitual and escalating to violence. With our expertise in operational threat management, forensic psychology, and clinical mental health treatment, at Defuse® we are the first choice for a tailored and responsive service when intrusive or aggressive behaviours occur that are related to the workplace.

Our workplace Related Threat resolution solutions include:

  • Identifying the early warning signs of potential workplace violence.
  • Identifying discriminatory behaviour based on race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, or disability, including culturally ingrained prejudice and unconscious bias.
  • Red flagging indicators of imminent violent behaviour.
  • Promoting best practices for employees to confidentially report violence, threats, or intimidation early to prevent an escalation.
  • Thorough assessment of incidents of workplace related threats, including microaggression.
  • Intervention and mitigation options to avoid conflict and defuse tension.
  • Escalating issues of concern associated with workplace related threats.

Quadrants of Aggression & Intrusion Concern

Defuse® are the UK supply and training partners for a key decision-making tool, the Quadrants of Aggression and Intrusion Concern (QuAIC), developed by a leading Australian security consultancy. Victims can use QuAIC to judge when they should report concerns. By feeling empowered to act, employees can seek positive resolutions before conflict escalates, while managers can use QuAIC to prioritise cases and design interventions that succeed.

next steps

Most cases of workplace violence, verbal and physical intimidation can be defused and avoided if the early warning signs are recognised and acted upon in time. At Defuse®, we offer a personalised service that allows businesses to tackle workplace violence at its root, including training strategies for improving communication and combating subconscious bias, through to confidential reporting and disciplinary procedures.

To discuss your needs in confidence with one of our workplace security specialists, or to request a quote, please leave a message through our contact form.