Labour Party MPs in fear from death threats

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
labour party mps in fear from death threats

The London Times have stated that Sir Keir Starmer MP has revealed he’s worried about his family’s safety as predominantly Labour MPs are targeted with abuse and threats over the conflict in Israel and Gaza.

The Labour leader said his “biggest concern” was how to protect his wife and children amid the “intense pressure” of the divisions in his party.

MPs who refused to back an amendment this week that called for a ceasefire have been subject to death threats, and their offices vandalised.

 Whilst on the surface this is a predictable issue, there will be a greater threat bubbling under the surface that could pose a real threat.

The Context

The Labour party have had a historical issue with allegations of anti semitism, with YouTube videos of their former leader Jeremy Corbyn calling Hamas and Hezbollah ‘friends’ 

There are some Labour Party supporters, moderate and extreme who have had strong views on the Israel/Palestine issue. Within those supporters there are some that have targeted MPs who have failed to support the activist’s views.

 What is the threat?

Within the highly charged emotions of the protesters and activists, there will be genuine people of concern. Individuals driven by a serious grievance that may result in a violent act.

It is these individuals who previously conducted fatal attacks on Lord Jones, Jo Cox MP and most recently Sir David Amess.

They also targeted Rosie Cooper MP and seriously injured Stephen Timms MP.

There are established and clear patterns in the previous attacks that can be used to identify where and how the next MP will be attacked and therefore enable the appropriate measures to be implemented to target harden and provide reassurance.

These attacks are not random, nor are they spontaneous. They are the result of a process, with planning, preparation and research.

The next attack will also be preventable, if the appropriate protective intelligence measures are understood and implemented.

It will require expertise in protective intelligence and an understanding of the methodology of the previous attacks.

We are the experts in that.

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