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Whether you’ve been harassed, targeted with a threat, or just want to feel safer in your personal & professional life Defuse delivers unparalleled expertise & proven solutions to eliminate fear, anxiety & uncertainty.

All of our services are flexible and whilst they may appear fixed are bespoke to each individual client


The SAFER Model

This is the key methodology Defuse Global uses that is designed to take the client on a journey, ensuring that all relevant information is identified and captured, assessed, analysed and then actioned.

SEARCH and SECURE what is online about you.

We do this manually, so we don’t miss anything, ensuring that we recognise the nuances that are apparent in everyday communications. Equally, because of our experience in this area we are very aware that if you are being targeted this is often done via your friends and family so whilst you may have your social media secure, others may not and it may be the that is leaking vital information.

The second phase is to secure what we find so that should that be required evidentially in the future we have captured it even if it is later deleted.

ASSESS whether any material found reached the legal thresholds or is harmful to you.

This is key as we recognise that there are different types of threats; physical, reputational and psychological. They are not stand alone and often connected, so a physical or reputational threat may also cause you psychological harm. This is an important assessment so we can best evaluate the solutions available to you. Our ‘Psychological Support Service’ is one function that separates us by others.

FORENSICALLY ANALYSE whether any of the material contains evidence that you are the target of a physical threat.

Our unparalleled expertise includes researched and operational proven solutions that deliver accurate analysis by the originators of the research. Our Behavioural Analysis Service is able to identify any pre-attack indicators, identify where on the ‘pathway to violence’ they are and how best to resolve this encompassing a psychological and threat assessment approach.

EVALUATE with you what our options are; you are completely in control

We will only suggest what is necessary and what will work.

If we suggest that approaching Law Enforcement is the best approach, we can support you doing this using the connections and knowledge we have of the appropriate terminology and delivering an evidentially sound package.

Equally, we work with PR, agents, reputation managers and lawyers and provide them with the very best solutions on how to manage this scenario based on a psychological profile of the person of concern. This is key as by not having this expertise, the incorrect intervention can cause threats to escalate.

RESOLVE the issue and reassure you with support and the appropriate skills to continue to feel safe

We offer our ‘Psychological Support Service’ to support you to ensure that the high level of performance you are known for isn’t diluted, to reduce any anxiety and fear you experience and equip you with the solutions to manage this whole experience. We only use highly qualified, experienced forensic and/or clinical psychologists and psychotherapists who are experts in their fields

Philip first became active in my protection following a series of newspaper stories which led to extensive hostility and threats including on social media and internationally. When something like this happens, you feel vulnerable at every level. I am hugely grateful for the support, protection, and guidance Philip has given to me and recommend him without hesitation

Sarah Champion –  Member of Parliament for Rotherham & Chair of the International Development Committee




The Behavioural Analysis Service


Identifying, Assessing, and Managing the Threat of Targeted Attacks

Our experts:

Our Behavioural Analysis Service is led by Dr Lorraine Sheridan PhD

Dr Lorraine Sheridan is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist. Lorraine completed Europe’s first PhD on stalking. Lorraine is a Police Accredited Offender Profiler and compiles psychological reports related to offenders, highlighting the risks posed by known or unknown suspects. She regularly gives case management advice to the police, security personnel, celebrities and others on stalking, harassment, violence, risk assessment, threat assessment, malicious communications and similar topics.
Lorraine is currently President of the Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.

Supporting Lorraine is Dr Robert Fein, co-author of US Secret Service Exceptional Case Study Project. Dr Fein helped analyse the pre-attack behaviours and thinking of 74 persons who attacked or attempted to attack a prominent public official or figure in the U.S. This study now forms the bedrock of all threat assessments in targeted violence. In his work with the Secret Service, he reviewed and consulted on several hundred protective intelligence cases concerning the assessment and management of persons who might present harm to the President and other national leaders. He has also served as a member of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence’s Intelligence Science Board and remains a consultant to the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit 1 and to the FBI’s Behavioural Assessment Program.

Benefits of Defuse’s BAS:

• Provide bespoke analysis on a case by case basis.
• Identify levels of concern, signs of escalation, and intervention advise.
• Provide clarity and eliminate the fear of uncertainty.
• Deliver expert guidance to enable the appropriate decisions for ongoing engagement to be made.
• Provide written documentary evidence based on the advice we give, to support your decision making.
• Eliminating wasted costs by ensuring resources are directed effectively and proportionately to the threat analysed
• Scientifically based profile of individuals involved in hostile communications

What we do:

We provide ‘Behavioural and Anonymous Threats Analysis’ to identify whether hostile communications are evidence of an escalating threat of violence, plus an assessment of the profile of the individual responsible for sending the communication to enable a bespoke response.

Any analysis is the result of a thorough evaluation of the actions, communications and circumstances disclosed.

Defuse exists to enable high profile individuals and organisations to continue to perform and communicate safely whilst being targeted by online abuse, threats and intimidation. Such abuse may entail acts of violence, harassment, stalking or other malicious and harmful behaviours. Very often the online abuse has offline impact and causes significant fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

All too often those charged with keeping others safe do so based on experience, ‘common sense’ and a gut feeling, underestimating the severity and materialisation of such abuse.

We know, from Robert’s research for the U.S. Secret Service, that targeted violence is rarely a sudden and unpredictable event.

It is frequently the end result of a process that is discernible to others. A potential attacker’s behaviour is vital to identifying his or her intentions.

Behavioural threat assessments are widely recognised as the most effective means of identifying whether the facts appear to show that an individual is on a pathway to violence and if so, at which stage they may be at.

Defuse’s BAS separates those few who actually pose a threat from the many who make threats, whilst providing evidentially backed guidance to manage all threateners most effectively.

Whilst the mantra of ‘don’t feed the trolls’ is generic advice, Defuse BAS provide specific advice based on evidential characteristics on a case by case basis.

Contact Defuse at [email protected]





Psychological Support Service

Working in the public eye comes with a tremendous amount of pressure. But stress, fear, and anxiety can cloud your thoughts, affect your performance, and even make you feel like you’re not yourself. Our specially trained and experienced psychologists provide you with solutions to:

+ Learn new skills to handle the pressure of working in the public eye
+ Overcome the fear and anxiety of a stressful or traumatic situation and retain control
+ Get back to working and performing at your highest level

“For our family, having someone we can turn to in this way has provided a great deal of comfort and reassurance, and I could not have asked for a better person than Philip to turn to for advice. He is honest, straight-talking and does what he says he will do. I am hugely grateful for the guidance Philip has given me so far, and I would recommend his services without hesitation”

Kim Leadbeater Ambassador for The Jo Cox Foundation Chair, More In Common, Batley & Spen. Jo’s sister

Digital Vulnerability Audit

It’s where we’re free to connect with family, friends, and fans. But if you have a lot of followers or fans online, your digital footprint can open the door to abusive content.

Digital Vulnerability Audits are helpful and eye-opening for anyone who shares, posts, and interacts with followers online and wants to protect their safety and reputation. And if you are receiving any threatening or abusive messages, Defuse can identify the dangerous content from the noise and offer you solutions to deal with it.

+ Find and address any hidden gateways into your personal accounts
+ Learn the do’s and don’ts of posting safely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more
+ Protect and manage your reputation online
+ Know exactly how to respond to any threats or abuse online

Dark Web Monitoring – Get Covered Not Cancelled!:

The Dark Web has become a well known place for hackers to post stolen credentials and financial information, or to network and plan attacks.

Hackers are looking to exploit vulnerabilities, access, steal and reveal personal information, correspondence and in today’s cancel culture failing to get cover leaves you exposed.

Because it can be hugely expensive to do nothing, our managed approach monitors the Dark Web for you, saving time and ensuring proactive protection.

Defuse proactively look for signs that accounts or sensitive information have been compromise.

“Philip is an expert in problem solving threat emanating from the online environment. He has a unique skill set derived from several years of work with Members of Parliament and other high profile individuals. There are few, if any, individuals in the country with the experience of Philip in this field of work”

Simon Causer CSyP, MSyl, Tech IOSH (Head Of Security at City of London Corporation)

Investigation & Consultancy

Are you feeling unsafe?
Have you or someone you were hired to protect been targeted with a threat?
Are you being harassed or abused online and want to know if you should take it seriously?
Are you worried about your image or reputation from negative media or publicity?

Defuse’s team of specialists, digital investigators, and psychologists are trained to:
+ Quickly analyse and Defuse real or potential threats
+ Determine which threats are real and which ones may not be a concern
+ Give you real, actionable guidance on how to feel safer in the public eye
+ Deal with high-risk situations quickly and discretely

Where law enforcement and lawyers fall short in protecting you or investigating a threat, our team of specialists are experienced and highly trained to identify, defuse, and prevent even the most dangerous or high-risk incidents. We understand the emotional highs and lows that come with being in the public eye 24/7 and handle each case with sensitivity, discreteness, and professionalism.

Philip contacted me having identified media activity which revealed personal details and photographs of my home, increasing my security vulnerability. Philip met with me and reassured me that he would take care of the matters. He facilitated a full security review of my home, and reviewed my online presence further identifying opportunities to mitigate any further vulnerabilities. He is an expert in respect of threats to public and high-profile figures and managing risk through practical solutions, and perhaps because of his long and distinguished policing career, understands the need to be compassionate, calm and the respect for privacy and confidentiality. Philip has helped to make me feel safer and am very happy to recommend his services to others in public life.”

Baroness Shami Chakrabarti CBE, PC (Former Shadow Attorney General)