Untitled design - 2021-12-02T102346.535your success should not threaten your safety 

Defuse® is a boutique 'white glove' consultancy providing Protective Intelligence, Strategic Security & Consultancy services for Organisations, Private Family Offices and Private Clients who need a reliable Strategic partner Providing Accurately assessed analysis, results driven security measures and advice the effect of which is Peace of mind and Reassurance.

Defuse are Specialists in countering Threatening & Concerning Behaviours from people including:

  • Insider Threats.
  • Hostile Employees and Leavers.
  • Hostile Clients and Customers.
  • Workplace Violence and Disruption.
  • Lone Actors.
  • Activists and Employee Activists.
  • Fixated people, Stalkers and Harassers.
  • Criminals.
  • Hostile Competitors.
  • Anyone else who seeks to undermine or harm you, your family or your brand.

We use A scientifically Proven system to identify and reduce risk.

  • Personal relationships with the leading Social Media Platforms to Liaise on your behalf. 
  • Globally recognised experts – counter terrorism, law enforcement, military and intelligence specialists worldwide - ready to investigate threats and security concerns on your behalf.
  • Be safe rather than sorry. Create a safe online environment before a threat is made. 
  • Tailored, personal services to fit your circumstances and requirements.
  • Researched and proven methodology – including advanced behavioural analysis.
  • Accurate, reliable and usable intelligence and analysis.
  • Get to know the real person causing the problem.


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5 for identifying ‘Mr Dangerous’ from ‘Mr Angry’.

With the increase in hostility towards big business & threats coming from both internal & external sources, telling the difference is critical.

It costs more to solve problems than it does to prevent them.

Saving money is just one of the benefits of being proactive.

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