The difference Defuse makes 

"When you are targeted, it’s both terrifying and unclear what you should actually do about it. Yes, you have
legal recourse but it’s slow, expensive, and a large distraction for your organization to pursue.
 Philip and his team specialize in this situation, and have dealt with hundreds of other cases. They were invaluable in guiding us. Most importantly, the course of action they recommended proved correct."
Sarah Cone
Founder & Managing Partner

Your success should not threaten your safety 

We help prominent people, entrepreneurs and business leaders in countering unwanted attention, disputes, harassment, and concerns about threatening and worrying behaviours. 

We provide clarity and peace of mind to our clients, in an increasingly intrusive and threatening landscape.

Defuse are specialists In Protective Security and Intelligence to counter stalking, harassment, lone actors, hostile leavers, insider threats, activists and those that seek to harm you, your family, or your brand.

Protective intelligence is an investigative and analytical process used by protectors to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate threats to clients.

  • Globally recognised experts – counter-terrorism, law enforcement, military and intelligence specialists worldwide - ready to investigate threats and security concerns on your behalf.
  • Be safe rather than sorry. Create a safe online environment before a threat is made. 
  • Tailored, personal services to fit your circumstances and requirements.
  • Researched and proven methodology – including advanced behavioural analysis.
  • Accurate, reliable and usable intelligence and analysis.
  • Get to know the real person causing the problem.

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