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Each episode features global experts sharing their insights on preventing and resolving problematic behaviors and security issues that cause harm. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including stalking, protective security, intelligence, psychological profiling, crisis management, risk management, communications, reputational management, workplace violence, public relations, and more.

Ep. 028
The Defuse Podcast with Dr Caroline Logan - Psychology 101 - Part 1 - Demystifying Psychological Labels: A Deep Dive into Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Personality Disorders with Dr. Caroline Logan
bill zimmerman
Ep. 027
The Defuse Podcast with Bill Zimmerman - Behavioural Threat Assessment, a political and commercial insight
defuse podcast guest - giles
Ep. 026
The Defuse Podcast with Giles Kenningham MBE - Crisis Communication
defuse podcast guest - tracy jones
Ep. 025
The Defuse Podcast with Tracey Jones - Mind Management and Psychological Health
defuse podcast guest - guy batchelor
Ep. 024
The Defuse Podcast with Guy Batchelor - Being Elite
defuse podcast guest - gabrielle thompson
Ep. 023
The Defuse Podcast with Gabrielle Thompson - Threat Assessment and Stalking – An Expert Perspective
defuse podcast guest - benjamin barrotine
Ep. 022
The Defuse Podcast with Benjamin Barrontine - Social engineering, digital exploitation and cyber targeting
defuse podcast guest - corina goetz
Ep. 021
The Defuse Podcast with Corina Goetz - De-mystifying doing business in the Middle East
defuse podcast guest - jason ritter
Ep. 020
The Defuse Podcast with Jameson Ritter - Fundamentals in Behavioural Threat Management
defuse podcast guest - bryan flannery
Ep. 019
The Defuse Podcast with Bryan Flannery - Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace with Behavioural Threat Management
defuse podcast guest - melissa muir
Ep. 018
The Defuse Podcast with Melissa Muir - Bridging the Gap Between Security and HR
defuse podcast guest - rory steyn
Ep. 017
The Defuse Podcast with Rory Steyn - Close Protection - The Man Who Kept Mandela Safe
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