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Each episode features global experts sharing their insights on preventing and resolving problematic behaviors and security issues that cause harm. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including stalking, protective security, intelligence, psychological profiling, crisis management, risk management, communications, reputational management, workplace violence, public relations, and more.

defuse podcast guest - reid meloy
Ep. 004
The Defuse Podcast with Dr Reid Meloy - Threat Assessment
defuse podcast guest - richard levick
Ep. 003
The Defuse Podcast with Richard Levick - The father of modern reputation management
defuse podcast guest - dr lorraine sherridan
Ep. 002
The Defuse Podcast with Dr Lorraine Sheridan - Stalking and Psychological Profiling
the defuse podcast, with philip grindell
Ep. 001
The Defuse Podcast - How can Family Businesses Stay Safe in the Digital Age?
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