A strategic review of today’s personal protection industry introducing a
methodology designed to keep high profile people and organisations safe from abuse, threats and intimidation in the 21st century.


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Feeling Vulnerable? Anxious? Powerless?

Receiving abuse, a death threat or feeling like your safety might be in jeopardy can leave you feeling on edge — not to mention the long-term effects on your mental health and your reputation. But you deserve to live your life and enjoy the success and influence of your position without feeling suppressed or afraid.

Defuse Global’s team of specialised experts can help you:


Quickly identify and defuse any real or potential threats


Protect and manage your reputation online and in the public eye


Have the reassurance that you and the people you care about are safe

How We Work


A quick conversation gives us a chance to listen and dig into the facts of the issue and assess where the vulnerabilities lie. We work by the mantra of ‘first seek to understand’. It is important that we understand what it is that causes you concern. It may be obvious, but often harm can be context driven and so we want to understand the specifics of how you feel and why and what you want the outcome to look or feel like.


Our team of specialists will work diligently behind the scenes to investigate and interpret the threat. Our team have extensive experience, whether that be tracking organised and serious criminals, terrorists or those who use the internet for harmful purposes, we will endeavour to search, identify and secure anything that may be considered harmful. Once secured we will analyse the information for evidence of pre-attack indicators and red flags that those involved are escalating their behaviour, committing offences or perhaps leaking evidence of significant impaired mental health.


Finding and addressing any potential areas of vulnerability will help you and your loved ones feel safer, providing you with relevant practical advice that you can incorporate into your daily lives. Throughout our working relationship you remain in control of the outcomes. Defuse will provide you with the very best advice to enable you to make the best decisions. Whether that is expert psychological analysis of hostile communications and advice on how to manage such an individual, how to manage negative or harmful online content, or a full contemporary security assessment of how to secure your home, including the very latest in countering unwanted drone activity Defuse will ensure you have the most up to date expert analysis.


Rest assured, we’re doing everything in our power to resolve your situation quickly and quietly. Our primary concern is ensuring that you and those you care about feel safer. Where necessary we will conduct a Digital Vulnerability Audit to identify how we can work together to mitigate any online harm directed at you. Our Home Security Assessment will ensure that you feel safe at home, providing you with a full security plan together with recommendations of how to make your home a safe place to relax and de stress. Our premium SAFER Model is an all encompassing package that covers all of our services for the ultimate in complete safety and security investigations. Because we have witnessed ourselves the psychological impact that being targeted can induce, we provide support to our clients through our Psychological Services, all of whom are extremely experienced forensic or clinical psychologists or psychotherapists.

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About Defuse Global

Defuse Global’s team of specialists are trained to discreetly investigate high-risk threats from fixated individuals including death threats and help you get back to living a life free of fear or anxiety.

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Have you become the target of a threat or abuse?

Ignoring the threat or abuser or hoping it goes away could mean that signs of escalation are missed. Plus, repeated threats or abuse can have long-term effects on your mental health, reputation, or personal brand.

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