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Preventing, investigating and resolving threats, toxic behaviour and unwanted attention

Who are we?

Our goal is to help our clients feel safer

When you are engaged in a dispute, being harassed, threatened, or stalked, it can cause anxiety, paranoia and even hypervigilance. Clients tell us that these issues become the sole focus of their attention, disrupting their sleep, and impacting their personal and professional lives.. What you want is the problem to go away, whilst ensuring you’re safe from physical, reputational, and psychological harm. You want the reassurance that any specialist you employ really understands the issue and can differentiate a real threat from those who seek to intimidate and threaten you. We specialise in preventing, investigating, and helping to resolve such issues, whilst mitigating the risks.

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When you are targeted, it’s both terrifying and unclear what you should actually do about it. Yes, you have legal recourse but it’s slow, expensive, and a large distraction for your organization to pursue.

Philip and his team specialize in this situation, and have dealt with hundreds of other cases. They were invaluable in guiding us. Most importantly, the course of action they recommended proved correct.
Sarah Cone Founder & Managing Partner, Social Impact Capital - Venture Capital - New York City
Philip is an expert in problem-solving threats emanating from the online environment. He has a unique skill set derived from several years of work with Members of Parliament and other high-profile individuals. There are few, if any, individuals in the country with the experience of Philip in this field of work.
Simon Causer Head of Security at The City of London Corporation
Philip has presented his craft to members of the Security Institute and there is no doubt that he is a master of this niche area of security advice. Stalkers and fixated people are often unpredictable, but as far as it can be predicted, Philip has a solid expert viewpoint that only comes from experience and academic rigour. There is no one else I would seek advice from if I found my family, friends or colleagues being victimised by such a stalker.
Rick Mounfield Chartered Security Professional and former CEO of the Security Institute
Our purpose

To enable our clients to flourish free from fear, anxiety and intimidation

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Drawn from the Intelligence Services, Counter Terrorism, Protective and Government Service, and Psychology we can guarantee that we are well versed in preventing and managing a crisis where only the very best will do. Our trusted advisers deliver what is required in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

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Tailored to your needs

We recognise that no two situations are the same, and therefore a tailored response is always required. Whilst technology is exploited, a human touch is guaranteed. We deliver bespoke assessments which are comprehensive but simple workable plans tailored to your specific needs, we will counter the concerns that are unique to you.

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Trust and Integrity

Discretion and integrity are a given, together with a calmness in a crisis that only comes from decades of experience. We don’t believe in ‘selling fear’ when working with you to help you feel safer. We provide accurate, honest, intelligence-led advice, only recommending solutions that have been proven to work.

What we do

We group our services into three areas

As the world continues to evolve, so do the threats to our safety and security. As Chartered Security Professionals, we have unique access to intelligence and analytical processes designed to protect people, physical assets, and information.

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With Defuse, you can rest assured that your investigations are in safe hands. With decades of investigative expertise, our team is well-versed in UK legislation and experienced in advanced investigative techniques, including interviewing the most vulnerable members of our communities.

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At Defuse, we know that sharing knowledge and expertise is key to achieving our mission of improving lives. Our methods and philosophies are based on proven research and operations.

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