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Each episode features global experts sharing their insights on preventing and resolving problematic behaviors and security issues that cause harm. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including stalking, protective security, intelligence, psychological profiling, crisis management, risk management, communications, reputational management, workplace violence, public relations, and more.

defuse podcast guest - kim leadbeater
Ep. 016
The Defuse Podcast with Kim Leadbeater MBE MP - Being a 21st century Politician – Threats and Hopes
defuse podcast guest - fred calhoun
Ep. 015
The Defuse Podcast with Frederick S. Calhoun, PhD - Hunters & Howlers & The Pathway to Intended Violence
defuse podcast guest - steven white
Ep. 014
The Defuse Podcast with Dr Stephen White - Workplace Harassment & Violence – The Behavioural response
defuse podcast guest - ailsa anderson
Ep. 013
The Defuse Podcast with Ailsa Anderson - High Profile Communication
defuse podcast guest - fred burton
Ep. 012
The Defuse Podcast with Fred Burton - Protective Intelligence and Security
defuse podcast guest - james hamilton
Ep. 011
The Defuse Podcast with James Hamilton, Gavin de Becker’s Senior Vice President Quality in Protection and Training - The Strategy of Protective Intelligence
defuse podcast guest - russell palarea
Ep. 010
The Defuse Podcast with Dr Russell Palarea - Protective Intelligence
defuse podcast guest - suky bhaker
Ep. 009
The Defuse Podcast with Suky Bhaker - VAWG, Stalking, Harassment and Personal Safety
defuse podcast guest - paul blanchard
Ep. 008
The Defuse Podcast with Paul Blanchard - PR, Crisis Communications and Strategic Advisory to the World's Elite
defuse podcast guest - bram van de meer
Ep. 007
The Defuse Podcast with Bram B. van der Meer - The science behind interviewing
defuse podcast guest - totti karpela
Ep. 006
The Defuse Podcast with Tottie Karpela CTM - Conflict Resolution, Cultural challenges and Vexatious Complainants
defuse podcast guest - miles manning
Ep. 005
The Defuse Podcast with Miles Manning - Trauma & Crisis Liaison
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