The Online Bodyguard Podcast – Threat Assessments with Dr Reid Meloy

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
the defuse podcast, with philip grindell

If you are interested in understanding how and why people become fixated, stalk and attack people in public life, this is a must listen to podcast!

Reid Meloy is in my humble opinion The Godfather of #threatintelligence & #threatassessment with regards to the warning behaviours and understanding of how and why people become fixated, stalk and attack.

In this episode of The Online Bodyguard Podcast, he shares his expertise on how to assess persons of concern who may pose a threat to public and prominent figures. He discusses his extensive case history and expertise of proximal warning behaviours, communicated threats, mental illness in attackers, how they plan, escalate and appropriate interventions. Dr Meloy shares his thoughts of the future of the threat assessment industry, how to identify a professional organisation and finally shares some of his top tips for staying safe.

Dr. Reid Meloy is widely known as one the preeminent experts in the field of assessing threats of violence. Dr. Reid Meloy is a board-certified forensic psychologist (ABPP) and consults on criminal and civil cases throughout the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Meloy has authored or co-authored over two hundred fifty papers published in peer-reviewed psychiatric and psychological journals, and has authored, co-authored or edited thirteen books. He has been consulting, researching and writing about personality disorder, psychopathy, stalking, narcissism, criminality, mental disorder, and targeted violence for the past thirty years. He was a technical consultant to the television series CSI from its inception in 2000 until its final episode in 2015; and is the technical consultant to “Indivisible: Healing Hate,” a Paramount + television series exploring the historical roots of the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection.



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