5 Key facts on Threats to Prominent People

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
5 key facts on threats to prominent people

5 Key facts on Threats to Prominent People from our latest ‘The Online Bodyguard’® Podcast with Dr Reid Meloy

1. Most threats are driven by a personal grievance: personal grievances, having four elements to it:

  • loss.
  • humiliation.
  • anger.
  • blame.

When you eliminate any of those four elements, the personal grievance is usually defused.

2. There has been a narcissism shift over recent years with regards to the motivation by attackers: from a desire for fame to an angry sense of entitlement.

3. The percentage of individuals that attack a public figure after having directly threatened is actually quite small, probably no more than 5%…..so in 95% of cases there will be no direct threat made.

4. Leakage is very common: there will be leakage of intent to a third party in 60 to 90% of cases of targeted attacks, including on public figures

5. The 3 most common proximal pre-attack warning behaviours are:

  • Pathway to Violence
  • Identification
  • Last resort behaviour or language

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