AETAP Conference 2023

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
aetap conference 2023

I was delighted to have been invited to attend and speak at 14th The Association Of European Threat Assessment Professionals Conference in the beautiful city of Nuremberg in Germany.

The subject of the presentation was “Stopping a Political Attack with Behavioural Indicators” and featured the review of all attacks on British MPs since 2000, the identified attack trends and the method used to identify the Rosie Cooper plot.

AETAP is an international non-profit organization committed to the promotion of research on threat assessment and management, the implementation of tools and structures in relation to the topic, and teaching and training professionals in threat assessment and management. Threat assessment and management under the remit of AETAP is directed towards the prevention of targeted violence and interpersonal violence. Its goals and objectives are the organization of international conferences on threat assessment for the dissemination of new research and intervention strategies; the provision of continued education and networking opportunities; the promotion of regional workshops in the field; and the advocacy of structures and facilities based on threat assessment and management.

Nuremberg is the City of Human Rights and is well known as the location of the trials following WW2. Visiting the courtroom where those trials took place was a privilege.

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