15 October 2022
The Online Podcast S1 E10 - Protective Intelligence

What do you know about Protective Intelligence?

Want to learn from an expert?

The latest episode of The Online Bodyguard Podcast® is with Dr Russell Palarea, PhD the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Operational Psychology Services (OPS).

We discuss the subject of #protectiveintelligence and how it can help professionals identify who might pose a threat, whether from a lone actor’s perspective or in the workplace.

How can we identify problems and create strategies to prevent these problems from happening?

Most issues start with a grievance.

  • The 4 causes of a grievance
    o Loss
    o Humiliation
    o Anger
    o Blame

    We also discuss the four types of workplace violence and what distinguishes them.
  • No relationship to the company, such as criminals.
  • Some relationship - such as customers
  • Employees - possible insider threat
  • Familial relationships - such as where an employee is the victim of DV and the partner enters the workplace to confront/.assault.