Global C-suite subjected to threats of workplace violence by hostile adversaries.

Defuse® were engaged by the C-suite of a global brand after being targeted by an extremely threatening and hostile individual with a grudge. We conducted a full investigative review and psychological profile of the person of concern, together with Digital Audits of the C-suite to assess their vulnerability. We engaged with the UK Police on their behalf and managed the communication and misunderstandings that were occurring. As the behaviour escalated, we identified further evidence of increased threats. This caused significant fear and anxiety together with huge frustration of the inaction by the police. We provided surveillance on the person of concern together with residential security on the homes of the most vulnerable members of the C-suit, whilst liaising with the police to act. The police finally acted, and the person of concern was arrested and issued with a judicial outcome.

CEO of a US based global brand threatened:

The CEO of a US based global brand was receiving threats from a hostile former employee based in the UK. Lawyers representing the client were unsure how best to respond to the communications received. A full digital investigation was conducted to establish whether the person of concern was posting reputational harmful material online, and to establish a lifestyle analysis of the person of concern. A psychological analysis of the person of concern was conducted and identified a significant level of narcissism present. A successful communication strategy was devised to deescalate the threats, and then disengage with the person of concern.

Death threats made to global Icon whilst on tour:

Defuse® were approached by a leading security company tasked with protecting a global icon on tour. Several death threats had been received by an unknown person. We identified the person of concern responsible and their location. We conducted an investigative review of all online content to ascertain whether there were other threats posted. Having psychologically profiled the person of concern we assessed the threats made as not being genuine, nor the person having access to weapons. However, having assessed the person of concern we were able to identify several indicators of mental health and personality disorders that may cause a threat should they make an approach. The security team were fully briefed of the potential threat and best practice in managing and defusing any approach.

US based celebrity social media marketing expert hacked.

The client approached Defuse® directly after being rebuffed by Instagram with regards to his profile being hacked and his followers now received defaming messages about him by an unknown ‘competitor’. The digital investigation identified the full identity of the person of concern, together with their address and US Social Security number. Fully audited report provided to LA-based lawyers. Defuse’s UK based Instagram contacts were engaged, and a report was submitted articulating how the person of concern had breached Instagram T&Cs. Following an investigation by UK based contacts, Instagram, and Facebook accounts of person of concern were removed from their platforms and a lifetime ban implemented

US celebrity stalking victim supported in creating Audible series.

Defuse® were approached a media company working with a victim of stalking to create an Audible series of her experiences. We reviewed the case and investigated the person of concern to identify their current location and status. We conducted a psychological fixated profile of the person of concern and created a risk assessment together with advice for the staff involved in the project including the original victim. Defuse® became part of the Audible series, being interviewed about stalking, good practice, and the assessment of the person of concern. We reviewed our risk assessment as the publication date approached and shared that report with law enforcement in London, New York, and the country in which person of concern currently resides.

High profile US businesswoman stalked:

Defuse® were engaged by a US connection to investigate threats made by a stalker to a US businesswoman and her family. The businesswoman is active on social media as her business is visually oriented. In doing so, she had attracted the attention of a stalker. The stalker’s behaviour escalated to such a degree that they began sending handwritten notes to the children at their home and communicating to the client that her children would soon be dead. This was hugely unsettling and created significant fear and anxiety. Defuse® were able to establish that the stalker was extremely tech savvy but was based within a few mils of the client. We profiled the stalker and were able to establish the motivation for this campaign. We were further able to reassure the client that whilst hugely upsetting, there was no physical threat from the stalker.

UK based sports agent concerned about his digital history:

Defuse® approached by a UK based sports agent concerned about cancel culture.  He was concerned about what his digital history may contain, mindful that historical images or posts may now be seen in a different light. He was also concerned about what others may have posted about him, and material that he was unaware of but easily accessible.  A full Digital Vulnerability Audit (DVA) was conducted, including deep and dark web analysis. We provided a detailed report with material we had identified, with source references, and recommendations. Once our client’s concerns were satisfied, they were reassured that the digital history would not compromise their personal or professional reputation.

International athlete subject to blackmail:

Defuse® were engaged by one of our partner law firms to assist in the case of an international athlete who was the subject of a blackmail attempt, and being investigated by police. The concern was that the person of concern or their associates might publish harmful material or make reference to the investigation online. We set up and monitored social media, providing daily and weekly updated alerts, to provide reassurance and where applicable evidence of any breach of condition agreed upon any law enforcement. This monitoring provided the client with peace of mind that the subject wasn’t being shared online and the reduced anxiety enabled them to continue to perform at their elite level.

Prominent Billionaire received threatening communications.

Defuse® contacted by the client following receipt of a death threat. The incident had been reported to the police who had failed to provide a meaningful update of interpretation of the threat. On reviewing the communicated threat Defuse® were immediately able to put his mind at ease that the threat was not genuine, and he was not in any imminent physical danger. This enabled peace of mind and review of additional security measures being considered, with considerable cost savings. We advised that the communication was likely to be part of an extortion campaign. This was corroborated by police some weeks later. We then conducted a full digital review and analysis of his and his family’s vulnerability which we presented to him and later briefed the security team responsible for his protection.

Prominent UK based company targeted by hostile ex-employees.

Defuse® were engaged directly by the company following a campaign of disruption and defamation by hostile ex-employees. A campaign of negative reviews had been circulated online, causing significant reputational harm and recruitment challenges. The review site refused to remove the posts. Defuse® investigated the main protagonists and conducted psychological profiles on the main persons of concern. We then investigated the negative online reviews and could prove on the balance of probabilities that the reviews were written and posted by the same person. This act was in contravention of the review sites policies and as such we supported the client in having the negative reviews removed. We provided evidence that the main person of concern was also in breach of the agreed terms of legal proceedings, enabling the client to re-claim fund paid and injunct the person of concern. The client then ran a successful recruitment campaign.

Prominent UK developer – threats made by hostile contractors.

Defuse® engaged directly by one of the UK’s largest property developers. Significant issues identified with huge cost and time implications resulted in the contractor being dismissed and sued. Threats made by the contractor towards directors. Defuse® conducted a full investigation into the contractor, and their connections to establish viability of threats. A review of the threat intelligence and the threats made established that whilst there was no imminent danger, vulnerabilities existed and would enable unnecessary data to be gathered on the Directors and their families. Advice provided with recommendations.

Global artist stalker escalated whilst on a US tour.

Defuse® instructed by the tour manager to investigate a stalker whose behaviour was escalating. The stalker had been following the artist throughout the US tour. The stalker had escalated to making approaches to the management company, music company and others engaged with the artist. Defuse® investigated and then profiled the stalker. We identified that whilst they were stalking the artist, there was no threat to the artist, as they believed that the artist was in danger and the stalker believed they were helping. The stalker however did pose a real threat to the security and others seeking to keep the stalker’s beliefs from the artist, and the stalker believed that they were part of the conspiracy. Defuse® engaged with contacts at the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit and a local investigator employed by the music company, sharing our investigation and profiling of the stalker who then secured a restraining order and managed the interception of the stalker.