How do you save £29 billion annually?

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
how do you save 29 billion annually?

With the 5 benefits UK-based businesses get from a threat assessment and management professional.

A threat assessment and management professional’s  expertise is much wider than just violence prevention.

Few if any UK businesses have a dedicated or outsourced threat assessment and management team. This includes global organisations that have such a team in the other countries they operate in.

Having an internal security department or an external consultant is not the same as a properly trained and experienced threat assessment and management professional. Threat assessment and management is a specialist niche that requires expertise, experience and is significantly lacking in the UK market.

What are the benefits of having a TAM professional either internally or externally.

Prevents serious issues
Threat assessment and management is a preventative model based on research methodology and proven operationally across the world. Conventional security follow threats, threat assessment and management professionals recognise that it is the concerning and worrying behaviours that are the indicators of an escalating issue. A key goal is to distinguish between MAKING a threat and POSING a threat.

Prevents reputational harm. The media regularly publish accounts of major brands historical problems with toxic and problematic behaviours. That exposure causes significant to the brand, their share price and their ability to retain and recruit fast class employees. A threat assessment and management team can assist business leaders in sifting through information and complaints identifying emerging issues and preventing any escalation

Saves Money: Estimates vary, but recent reports put the cost of workplace violence at £15.7 billion per year in the UK. A threat assessment and management professional support corporate safety by assessing, monitoring, and providing support for people exhibiting unusual distress, fixated grievances, or troubling behaviours. It prevents assets following the noise and ensures it is focussed on genuine threats. By doing so it can help reduce industrial tribunals, fear, intimidation and business disruption.

Business Efficiency: Good threat assessment indirectly improves business efficiency and with £29 billion annually through lost productivity enhances employee engagement, reduces absenteeism and potential insider threats.

Improve business culture. Research suggests that 71% of investors won’t invest is a company that has a problematic workplace culture such as bullying, sexual harassment and problematic and toxic behaviours.

Employing a threat assessment and management professional will add real value to any business whether a global brand or SME, whilst protecting from emerging issues from either internal or external actors.

Download ‘The Inside Threat – Exploring The Link Between Economic Downturn And Workplace Violence And Threats’ to better understand the issues.

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