Increased profits likely to encourage insider & workplace threats

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
increased profits likely to encourage insider workplace threats

With reports of huge profits from major retail and utilities companies the likelihood of threats and possible incidents are increased.

 The Times of London reports that even though we are experiencing increasing financial hardship Shell raked in £200m from household bills and supermarkets are facing huge political backlash after bumper earnings in the region of £630m – £690m whilst shoppers are struggling with soaring inflation.

These headlines about the profits global brands are making are likely to encourage grievance driven violence and insider threats.

Grievances are created from those with a moral outrage and those experiencing;

  • Blame
  • Loss
  • Anger
  • Humiliation

The problem is that these threats and incidents cause anxiety and fear within the workplace, resulting in employee absences, a diversion of focus by senior managers, hugely negative headlines and the potential of industrial lawsuits.

Here is how you identify these individuals of concern that may be escalating towards indented or targeted violence and avoid these issues.

The methodology involves the identification of several key indicators of escalating intent. These indicators are well researched and proven to work.

They are not predictors but preventative indicators that highlight those responsible and enable interventions and business as usual to continue.

 Inhouse training helps managers identify the indicators to look out for, and how to analyse the information.

 It is a practice that requires collaboration between HR and Security.

Proactivity is key as failure to act now will cause risk of significant financial and reputational harm whilst risking employee relations.

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