Most disputes are caused by some form of grievance, understanding these is key.

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
most disputes are caused by some form of grievance. understanding these is key

Many businesses experience disruption and unwanted attention. This disruption can escalate quite rapidly and in some cases, can become violent.

These issues can become all consuming, whether managing the person of concern, responding to negative and biased publicity, or trying to evaluate what risks this person poses.

The frustration and concern experienced by those on the receiving end can be extremely stressful. The risks associated with any engagement is that there is a chance that attempts can unwittingly escalate the person of concern. and make any situation worse.

Few people enjoy confrontation and naturally worry about how to deal with the person of concern. They worry about how to manage the person of they turn up at the office, especially so when legal, mental illness and HR issues are involved. These situations rarely resolve themselves and can be long lasting, especially when associated to a specific project. Getting this wrong won’t just escalate the problem but can also cause lengthy and expensive legal proceedings and increase the stress and fear in all those involved.

However, by understanding the root cause of their grievance, your strategy can be focussed on the causes rather than the behaviours. It enables a proper understanding and answers the ‘why’ question. It enables real empathy to be communicated and eliminates guesswork (which can cause rapid escalation).

The 4 causes of a grievance are:
o  Blame
o  Loss
o  Anger
o  Humiliation

Only with a proper investigation and analysis by a SME can the root cause be identified This enables a professional tailored communication and engagement strategy to be developed.

The benefits of this approach it is a proven methodology, it reduces the stress associated with trying to manage this complex issue, is legally disclosable and costs effective.

Defuse’s Dispute, Crisis & Conflict Management Investigations help clients to achieve this with a blend of expert investigations and a forensic psychological assessment, conducted by our globally recognised Forensic Psychologist.

For more information how our proven methodology can help you and your business resolve a dispute, contact us here.


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