The Online Podcast S1 E10 – Protective Intelligence

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
the defuse podcast, with philip grindell

What do you know about Protective Intelligence?

Want to learn from an expert?

The latest episode of The Online Bodyguard Podcast® is with Dr Russell Palarea, PhD the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Operational Psychology Services (OPS).

We discuss the subject of #protectiveintelligence and how it can help professionals identify who might pose a threat, whether from a lone actor’s perspective or in the workplace.

How can we identify problems and create strategies to prevent these problems from happening?

Most issues start with a grievance.

  • The 4 causes of a grievance
    o Loss
    o Humiliation
    o Anger
    o Blame

    We also discuss the four types of workplace violence and what distinguishes them.

  • No relationship to the company, such as criminals.
  • Some relationship – such as customers
  • Employees – possible insider threat
  • Familial relationships – such as where an employee is the victim of DV and the partner enters the workplace to confront/.assault.
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