The Story Behind The ITV Show ‘The Walk In”

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
the story behind the itv show 'the walk in'

How Defuse® predicts when our clients are in danger.

This article in today’s Express Newspapers reports how Philip Grindell, CEO of Defuse® identified that a threat to kill an MP was genuine, after being handed a scrap of paper with just – its story behind the ITV drama #thewalkin.

To put this in context, this was at the height of the toxicity in Parliament with reports of abuse, threats and intimidation up 400%. It was genuinely the needle in the haystack.

The identification of the threat was made possible by Philip Grindell researching the methodology the US Secret Service and FBI use. he also then studied the attacks on British MPs since 2000, and mapped these theories over the attacks to understand how MPs were attacked and the patterns that existed.  

The power of Defuse® is that we don’t just rely on theories, we have expertise from doing it in the real world.

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