4 good reasons to resolve a dispute quickly

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
4 good reasons to resolve a dispute quickly

Legal costs are the reason many disputes are resolved quickly, but that isn’t the most damaging cost.

The more significant costs will be: –

o low morale
o decreased productivity
o increased turnover
o reputational harm
Conflicts and disputes whilst at work can emanate from a variety of different sources.
They broadly fall into four categories:
o Criminal Intent. (Not necessarily driven by a grievance)
o Hostile Customer/Client.
o Hostile current or former worker on worker.
o Personal Relationship brought into the workplace.

In most cases these disputed are driven by some form of grievance, but the problem is that they are often dealt with as a surface level issue.
The sooner you can identify the root cause (grievance) of any issue, understand exactly who you are dealing with and implement a strategic response the lower the cost to the organisation.
A full background investigation together with a psychological profile may seem an unnecessary expense, but only by truly understanding the personalities and drivers involves can you ensure that your response is fit for purpose, ensures that any communication defuses rather than escalates the issue and you return to business as usual.  
One size does not fit all!


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