Trust and integrity are key to the security and intelligence industry.

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
trust and integrity are key to the security and intelligence industry

The Sunday Times this weekend led with an article titled “Elite British former soldiers hired to spy for the super-rich”.

As ever the title was designed as ‘click bait’ rather than an accurate reflection of the article.

The article featured an investigation by Diligence International LLC in which their tactics were suggested as being part of a strategy of “lawfare” conducted on behalf of lawyers representing a high net worth client. It is for those involved to comment on the tactics involved.

However, the suggestion is that ‘former spies, servicemen or police officers trained at taxpayers’ expense in covert operations by the British state’ are engaged in dubious activities which they shouldn’t be.

The problem with this statement is that it suggests the industry is flawed and arguably morally corrupt. This is supported by politicians who suggest that it is morally wrong for those of us now carving out a career in the commercial world to use the skills we’ve perfected during our service.

 This idea is ridiculous. Are they suggesting that those of use with these skills should not be allowed to utilise these in the private sector? Interestingly former politicians are very quick to capitalise on their connections to earn significant salaries post Parliament.

The key issue is that Defuse and many of the companies and professionals I engage with are operating within the law, with integrity and are adding huge value. Everything we do is in line with our values of integrity and as such is declared as being lawful, fully audited, and disclosable.

Have I been asked to conduct lucrative investigations that compromise our values? Yes…several times and on every occasion we’ve declined.

The security and intelligence industry are no different to any other industry. There will be those to choose to operate outside of the norms of acceptability in any industry.

It is for those employing consultants and specialists to conduct their own due diligence and decide what their values are.

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