Why are clients are so frustrated?

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
why are clients so frustrated?

When I first meet them, my clients are so frustrated.

And it’s not because nobody is trying to help them with their safety. It’s because of this:

Their frustration is with the ‘security’ industry’s response to their needs.

I help high value individuals that are the targets of unwanted attention and problematic people.

Here’s what they tell me when they have a problem:

I just want the problem to go away.

When targeted, I feel anxious and frustrated by the loss of control and the uncertainty.
I feel it’s so unfair and an injustice that someone, possibly a stranger, can target me and cause me such upset and anxiety.

I just want to feel safer and get back to business as usual.
I don’t want more security I want more privacy.

So what is the alternative?

Let’s be clear, there are times when additional security for a well-known or important person is required and will help keep them safe.

But what they really want isn’t a sticking plaster like that.

They need a solution to the root cause.

To fix the real issue.

There needs to be a more scientific process to really understand and deliver a bespoke response.

With such an approach they retain the control they desire, together with a sense of justice when the problem goes away.

My “SAFER Model®” fixes the problem at the root and leaves these HNW clients knowing they no longer have a problem lurking.

If you want to have a peek at the five key steps of the model, email us om [email protected] and we’ll share it with you.

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