A lesson from the world’s second richest man!

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
a lesson from the worlds second richest man

Bernard Arnoult has sold his private jet after being tracked by climate activists.

Accounts such as @i_fly_Bernard and @laviondebernard created on Twitter to track the private jet of Mr Arnoult and other billionaires.
 Activists, the fixated, journalists, criminals and others interested in the activities and private lives of prominent, powerful and wealth will go to extraordinary lengths to find out what private information is publicly available.
Loss of privacy, physical and reputational risk and increased anxiety are results of such activity.
Equally, as Arnoult pointed out, people knowing where the company jet is could give away key information to competitors. A recent incident involving Warren Buffett demonstrates this perfectly. 
When conducting our Digital Vulnerability Assessments (DVA), we regularly identify home addresses, plans of homes, private phone numbers and email addresses and passwords, children’s schools, and the details and specific whereabouts of priceless assets. All publicly available.
You may feel that you have the very best cyber security available, however if a major company is hacked and your private information is held by them, it becomes available.

Equally when a ‘selfie’ is taken and published online, it may leak person information or identify assets in the background.
Conducting an initial DVA will identify what private information is available and what can be removed, hidden, suppressed or what additional security methods are required to protect you and your assets.
Supported by continually monitoring activity on the Internet and the Deep and Dark Web then identifies and flags up any new activity.
For those whose lives are of interest and in the public eye such processes are critical to provide the desired privacy and peace of mind that they, their families, and their assets are safe.
If you are interested in more details of our DVA and monitoring services DM or comment “DVA”.

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