Even the most famous can be subject to workplace violence.

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
even the most famous can be subject to workplace violence

Even Tom Cruise isn’t exempt from threats from hostile former employees

Tom Cruise has hired a security team after he and director Christopher McQuarrie received a series of threats from a former employee.

The real question is, are he angry or is he dangerous?

A problem that our clients tell us becomes the no.1 item of their daily agenda is the threat and risk from hostile former employees.

Depending on who you listen the too they can be referred to as hostile former employees or come under the more Americanised title of Workplace Violence.

These threats emanate from different issues, the most common being those who feel unfairly sacked, declined a promotion or subject to discipline.

When we view this through the mantle of a grievance, we can see that it falls under one of four issues:

The 4 causes of a grievance
o Loss
o Humiliation
o Anger
o Blame

Those impacted by such a grievance can cause significant harm to their former employers by way of:

o Harassment & Stalking
o Disrupting normal business
o Making threats
o Posting negative malicious reviews.
o Making vexatious complaints and lawsuits.
o Causing criminal damage.
o Cyber and malicious activities.

In many cases additional security is seen as the solution.

But what if there was another, better and longer-term solution?

To fix the real issue.

There needs to be a more scientific process to really understand and deliver a bespoke response.

My “SAFER Model®” fixes the problem at the root and leaves the business or individual targeted able to return to normal and feel safer sooner.

If you want to have a peek at the five key steps of the model, email us at [email protected] “safer” and we’ll share it with you.

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