Daily Express reports on why misogyny a hate crime

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
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Philip Grindell, chief executive of threat management consultancy Defuse Global, said: “My personal view is misogyny should be a hate crime – women are being disproportionately targeted on the basis of their gender. “There is ample evidence of an escalation of threats and attacks against high-profile women – reflecting a wider problem in society at large and the need for policing to adjust accordingly.”


Recently released report, which shows that over a third (33.5%) of all incidents of existing hate crime already involve gender as a motivating factor, and that over 6 out of 10 victims of hate crime never report any hate crime they’ve experienced…. with the most common reason being a lack of confidence in the police taking cases seriously, or in the ability of the police to respond meaningfully)
Defuse Global is a contributor to this campaign and has appeared in the media on a number of occasions arguing that misogyny and all gender based crime should be included as a hate crime. One of the benefits of making such crimes hate crimes iks the level of service they then receive from the police and the additional sentencing powers. There is evidence that many stalkers have previously used gender based hateful language but not been prosecuted, and they hate has not been properly recorded.  It is hoped that by adding gender based crimes to the hate crime categories this may highlight concerns about potential stalkers, prevent violent attacks and in time help change attitudes, as has been done with other categories now recorded as hate crime.
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