How can Family Businesses Stay Safe in the Digital Age?

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
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On this Podcast episode of the Family Business Voice, Ramia M. El Agamy of the esteemed Tharawat Magazine chats with me about how family businesses can stay safe in the digital age.


My background as a Scotland Yard Detective with time spent seconded to British Intelligence gives me an in-depth view on just what can happen in unsafe situations. And now, I’m applying those insights to the world of private security, helping family business members, politicians and other high-profile clients stay safe both online and in-person.

Safety starts with people. Regardless of the type of threat a family business has to deal with, that threat originates from a person on the other end, and a person in the business must let that threat in — knowingly or unknowingly. As such, businesses should vet their employees thoroughly and check in with them regularly to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep the organisation safe. Check more than just a possible recruit’s experience or skills; check their associations and their potential to heighten risk.
Businesses should consider implementing safety governance. Even a few simple regulations can go a long way. Some examples of good safety governance are: changing passwords regularly and not using third-party hardware with unknown providence (thumb-drives from tradeshows, for instance).

Start the conversation around safety before circumstance necessitates it. Only by encouraging a culture that recognises threats, whether physical, reputational or psychological, as real and serious can family businesses mitigate those threats when they arise.






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