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Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
defuse - feel safer in a public place

Defuse featured in today’s edition of LUXX: The Times’s luxury magazine

The cyber-bodyguard

Philip Grindell, a former police officer, takes on the murky world of digital trolls and stalkers with his company, Defuse Global, which has a team of behavioural scientists and tech whizzes who identify risks and manage online reputations. It does an audit to see what an average punter can find about you online – where you live, where your kids go to school, your car registration number – then it researches and monitors your social media and online presence, and ploughs through dark-web chatrooms to identify risks. “This is often from fixated individuals,” Grindell says. “We’re talking about stalking, trolling, reputational harm and cancel culture.”

The team, including US secret service special advisers, counterterrorism investigators and a former protection officer for Princess Anne, work with PR teams and lawyers. Initial investigations cost from £2,000, with monitoring from £4,000 a month.

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