“The reason I am in politics is because my sister was murdered”

Philip Grindell
Written by Philip Grindell
Kim Leadbeater and her sister Jo Cox.

Jo Cox’s sister Kim Leadbeater opens up on life without her in heartbreaking new interview

The sister of murdered MP Jo Cox has spoken about the psychological affects her death had on her and the abuse politicians face from the public.


kim leadbeater MP


Speaking in an interview on The Defuse Global Podcast with Philip Grindell, who specialises in providing MP security, Kim, who is standing for election in Spen Valley today, said: “Jo was one of these people who would always say you should be doing more, that you should be challenging yourself, and that you should be pushing yourself.

Kim said the level of abuse towards MPs has steadily increased over the years and ensuring their personal safety has become a huge issue.

“Genuinely, I feel safe,” Kim said. “I feel fine, but I’ve had so many conversations with MPs who have had huge amounts of abuse, be that via social media, be that via email, be that by people turning up at their office.

“So, you always are aware that there is that underlying level of, you know, that this isn’t a normal life anymore. You are a target in some respects, and that never really leaves you.”

The full article appears in The Daily Express


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